Thomas Jono wears many hats

That's right! I'm a 'jack of all, master of none'—and loving it! Here's my story. I...

  • lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (hometown)
  • moved to Yellowknife, NT, Canada (aka the North) in June of 2014
  • lived in the North for almost three years.
  • moved to Victoria, BC, Canada in May of 2017
  • now live in Victoria, BC, Canada
  • was a Front End Developer for a communications and advertising company
  • am not anymore, but I still build awesome WordPress websites
  • love cinematography.
  • love dancing SalsaBachata and Kizomba
  • am out social dancing when there are dance events
  • am a member of Latin Dance Canada
  • have created my own online dance course
  • strive to create new trends in the dance industry
  • strive to help others improve whether it be personal or business
  • love variety
  • like to challenge the status quo
  • have become an entrepreneur and visionary

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